Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleeping in a Big Bed in a Space Bubble by the Sea

So if you had not already realized, blogs are not my cup of tea. I am way behind on my holiday salutes, and i find it hard to document with a camera all the things that i am doing. So news: I will be going off to Carrara with my marble sculpting class to dig up marble in some old cave (the same of Michelangelo) and bring it back here and use it! Also I am taking a small part in another film festival, this one is going to be in the main piazza on the second largest outdoor screen in the world, (second to korea or something...damn those koreans) with old old old films. The largest section is all of Frank Capra's work;the festival is called Cinema Ritrovato, or refound cinema. I am writing and relaxing as usual tho, omellete du fromage. Last night I was surprised into a lovely night of live Tango, and it was performed very particularly. That is, it wasn't the traditional one argentinian hunk dancing with sexy sandra in red n' heels, instead it was all themed around the idea of metropolis. To give you an idea, the curtain opens, a waiter brings chairs into his restaraunt and awaits guests, and all the interactions were interprited with tango. I felt so inspired. I will surely be the tango king.
Now please let me start off with Part 3 of holiday cheer (i look so sad in the opening frame):

And now here are some photos that I scrounged about for.

Here I am way back in November prior to the elections...i've got the first "M", perhaps for Mock this ridiculous group of possible tourists
"You will vote for Obama, or I will eat your soul"

Here is a photo of this little jewelry market, everything seems perfectly normal, right?

Wrong! Here the camera caught a little spirit man...see him in the middle towards the bottom?


Anonymous said...
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Jonas said...

daawg how long are you gonna be in italy? ill return from brasil sometimes in august or july. nao sei agora. vou ficar aqui ate nao tenho dinheiro..
i like the little hitler-beard you have in the "vote obama or i will eat your soul" pic. makes it more convincing you are actually gonna hurt people if they do not follow your orders
tchau amingo!

James said...

no jonas, that's just poor shaving...i'll be here when you get back

Zoe said...

Da paura! Grazie mille.
nice shirt..and hat.