Friday, September 12, 2008

SO much to do

So I hope that the quality of this video is better than the first, because blogspot seems to totally pixelate my videos that really don't look that bad when I am editing them...oh well I will repost if it looks bad. Anyhow I have been super busy every day so unfortunately I must state that these videos (if you havent already guessed) shall arrive very sporatically, perhaps once every two weeks. My days are full of waking early and passing out late. I drink in the afternoon, at dinner, and late at night. I am working on videos, various writing ideas/stories, class searching, house searching, friend meeting, food consuming, wine hounding, bicycle riding, and profuse sweating due to the intense humidity. I have met a few local poets whose poetry I am translating and (according to my mother) the U.S. government will pay me for my work. Even if they don't I believe that I am appreciating this poetry much more than I would have if I had just read it over once. You all would have a blast here....

In this video my friend Valentina helped me film some things, but she went back later and deleted all the scenes with her in them, but I managed to squeeze some in of her. I also had a very ambitious idea for a fun film that I could post, but it was taking so long that I gave up and just inserted what I had in a random fashion. I did save some other fun stuff for my next video however. Enjoy! Oh, and keep it coming with the posts, its a nice way to connect with you guys.