Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sailing Through

So I realize that I have been an absolute joke of a son/brother/bro/dude/whatever...but I promise that PART 3 of James' Christmas Greetings will soon be in arrival. As for now please allow me to entertain you all with various photos documenting my recent activities.

Right now two of my friends are visiting me: Aaron the American whom I know from UCSC, and Steven the Brit whom I met here in Bologna and who has returned multiple times to exploit my kind and generous nature. The past two days have been warm and clear and beautiful, so we headed up to the hills behind Bologna where my friend Ele lives. There she has a dog named Zuppa (soup in italian) who loves to fetch sticks, balls, and peices of brick...ah how lovely. The grass was green, the sky was delightfully chipper given it had just woken up from its winter hibernation, and we were drinking wine from a 5 liter bottle whom we dubbed Sandra, and one of the few examples of decent italian beer. Other fond memories were a 1 year-old blonde boy named Marco pointing to me and saying "papa," the lunatic bus driver who confided in us the local history of the area which involved germans throwing partisan babies into the air and opening fire...yes quite pleasant...

We took some corny group pictures using the timer on aaron's camera:
And then a few weeks ago I attended Carnivale in Venice, which is famous for its masked costumes. I however decided to morph into horse-man, and people constantly gawked at me because of this. Favorite memories were losing count of the bottles of wine we consumed, losing count on the amount of times we danced with random minstrels or even without music, 3 Portuguese princesses, crazy masks, tango lessons, turning around all corners and finding new adventures, and barely catching the last train that was too full so we had to sleep in the corridors.

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