Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wind or wind

So on my poll, the majority of you voted for quantity over quality in this blog, so even though i don't have much content i'll try to get more things and more often. I am continuing with my holiday greetings, even though the holidays are slipping away, and this video is just as embarrassing for me as the previous, and i hope that you all enjoy. Yes I did film a segment in my bathroom, as you will see, but only because my housemate came home just as i was about to film and she wanted to go to bed and the bathroom is the only place where i cant bother anyone and not freeze my ass off...so dont judge me.

The days pass and I find myself in the best of moods.

So Im waiting on a friend to send me some pictures of an event that I attended, but they have not arrived yet. So here is a picture of me enslaved by my Spanish housemate, you can see the pain in my face...just kidding, but i was F***ing tired. On the brighter side I can get my back and head rubbed whenever I want, even though its a bit less than par...

Heres a photo of the famous winter sun and jungle of italy! actually its a photo that Nicolo, the lad pictured here, recently gave me. It was taken in Thailand and i thought it was appropriate to put up because it was he who encouraged me mostly to come to bologna. If I had not of gone to thailand I probably wouldnt have met him nor come here...but i can go much futher back than that....(if i hadnt picked my nose during italian class freshman year i never would have...)

I do like the idea of polling, so ill put up another votable option again, and please participate!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bologna è bianca!

Well I am realizing that some things in this blog will be somewhat embarrassing (for me) but I don't mind too much. SO, whats happening is that I had planned on creating a holiday blog that everyone could see before Christmas, but there was no way that was going to happen, since I was in Germany. And now another problem has arisen: my computer has only 2 GB of hard drive left so it is quite hard for me to create this blog in a timely fashion. My initial plan was to have just one long video with my seasons greetings, but for many reasons (1. You all seem to be voting for quantity, not quality 2. not enough space to edit it all at once 3. You all are impatient and demand that I post post post!) but I must now shorten it with what is on my computer at the moment, and I will send them off as they are edited. There's the scoop.

Anyhow I have started an internship at the Bologna Cineteca working on a film festival that will occur the 18th of Feburary. It will screen like 20 or so short films from upcoming directors from across Europe, as well as an homage to NYU's Tisch School of Filmmaking. I am in charge of translating the subtitles into Italian, translating the booklets and promotions into English, and organizing most of the NYU part. It's fun, but lots of work. School doesnt start until Feb or March, until then I will have two tests to study for, shouldn't be hard.

These days I am writing still, reading more, and trying to paint when I can get around to it. Much love, enjoy and have patience if you dont see yourself, there will be much more coming shortly.

Why don't I add some pictures too, since you all want more more more. (If i had a camera i could take interesting and creative pictures of things that i see, but since i dont have one the only pictures that i recieve from friends are just "people pictures"...)

So these pictures were given to me by Natasha, and this is one where Natasha climbed the Asinelli Tower but fell to her death...we shall miss you...

Here I am juggling in the park on a clear day....oh clear days. By the way, it snowed 4 cm the other day here, and the next day was hell because it rained and turned everything into slush. But it was beautiful for me to be walking in an urban street where everything is white and fresh looking, like it is in the forests. Makes things seem more real somehow, it brings some sense of nature into a place where natural things are a rarity.

"Was'a matter you?!" I like the colors. I look like a candle.

Here is Natasha, Lucas, and I at the park. We have pensive, sad, and happy here...

Here is a picture I took of myself looking glum, nose-deep in my personal hell of blog making for you ungrateful people! Kidding, but it was hard to use a computer in a language that has more consonants than vowels...