Tuesday, June 9, 2009

40 degrees, 80 percent humidity is happiness

Sadly there remains only 8 days left of my time in Bologna. And as far as my reputation as a blogger, I realize that I hardly rank novice...but what did you expect from someone without a camera?! The thing is though, amongst all of the people who I met this year, I imagine well over 5000 photos exist with potential Full-of-Bologna voyeur ability. And therefore over the next few weeks I will work to put up some of those photos so that those who are still interested (I cant imagine anyone however...) can be satisfied...

So for those who do not know, my parents finally came to visit me! We spent about 2 weeks together all over northern italy. It was great to have such familiarity around me, and they brought me allergy medicine which was highly gratified. There are many photos, but I have access only to those from Marta...my parents stayed for much more time, and hopefully they can send me those so I can document the rest of their trip. For now: the road trip.





And some hairy creeper

went by car, making frequent stops to eat and drink, for a weekend getaway of wine-tasting, beach bumming, and coastal sight-seeing.

mom in piemonte

Dad in piemonte

Cinque Terre

Picnic where dad tried to open a bottle of wine with a tree...it works, but he was unsuccessful on this attempt

Dad showing off rock sediment lines

Mom genuinly interested in dad's explaination

Hip Hip for wine!


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Sally Ashton said...

You were the best tour guide ever! However, I hate to inform you that my word verification here is unbelievably "mumsperm." I swear I don't have any. Or, is it very silent sperm? Why am I having this conversation with you? At least you won't have to put up with more ridiculous comments from kith and kin.