Tuesday, December 30, 2008

spades are the best symbol on playing cards

Hello, well this is just a temporary blog, because everyone seems to be on the verge of cutting my head off via internet if i dont post anything soon. The thing is, Ive been working on another video but its taking a while because I am on vacation in germany and holland and britain, and i dont have much time to work on it. but be expecting that one in the next week or so. for now here are some photos to hold you over.

Here I am in London, apparantly bowing to the utter beauty which overwhelmed all my senses and brought me to my knees:

Here we are on christmas eve opening some little candy things and me acting like an imbecile:
Here I am with the family (minus Jonas, or Fez as some know him). On my head is the family cat named Helmut...(did you catch the pun?)

Food with mother and grandmother. Food consisted of herring, salat, lachs, tintenfisch, and such...
Here we are outside trying to escape the pressure of the family to drink...but we end up drinking anyhow:

Here the family convinced me to dress up as Goethe (they are so proud of Goethe because he was born in frankfurt), and then i butchered the german language by reading some old poem he wrote in german. it really made everyone laugh, and they made a video of it, but its really boring unless you understand german i think, because it just sounded like me mumbling and wearing this garb that somehow at the time i did not find that embarassing :

The christmas tree had candles that were replaced every few hours because they would just burn like matches. very dry matches:


Sally said...

why spades, McSpade?

Natasha said...

Hey pooper, miss you. Check your email...

I really enjoyed that blog you put up about when I came all the way from Africa to visit you.. It was really captivating. ha ha aw sad

I am moving back up to Santa Cruz tomorrow. It is going to be so strange not having you there. Now ill have no one to yell at from my porch. Ill probably creep out the people who live in your old house by randomly trespassing, "will you pa pa pwease be my fwiend."


Bye Bye
love love love you

ps. My verification word is "jewor" jew or what? i feel pressured by blogspot to find my religious niche. Damn them.

I am planning our next adventure as I type this.. South America here we come.

Sally Ashton said...

add a subscribe to my blog thingy from the thingy choices. then I will know when something new gets posted.

love, podumpla
word verification of the day

lorinzo said...

my WV is wordia

that fun fact, along with a dollar fifty, will get you a cup of coffee.

and that is my Garfield joke of the day.

photo of the day is surely you posing as Rourke (or who was it? some guy in tights with a ponytail?) sounds adorable

james that family was so lucky to have you on christmas... our holiday sucked without you... we all sat around weeping in our own private corners until Joe came over and led us in a drum circle... then we all sang "Kumbayah" (which Mrs Bonea taught us is "Come by Me, My Lord") and then Susannah showed us her new juggling act, which puts your juggling to shame, so you better tighten up those skills.

Oh, remind me to ask you Private Question #320031

Also, i borrowed some of your boxers.

mom said i could.

but i will probably never give them back to you, i will just take you to target when you get back for a boxer buying spree.

looks like i am heading to Europe in June...you will still be there then, yah?

And you will be home in July, Yah?



i miss you like the deserts miss the rain


susyash said...
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